Happy Daddy’s Day

With the modern day generation having smart phones glued to their hip, it’s no wonder that holidays have been corrupted by social media.  On Christmas, photos of the best gifts are neatly arranged and cropped so that all of your friends, enemies, and other random people that creep on your life can appreciate what you were spoiled with.  On Valentines Day, you brag about your magical date with the love of your life, or take a picture of your super cool cat to emphasize singledom (been there). On Easter, the kids that receive candy and the kids that have their parent’s love bought by everything else become divided.  Today is Father’s Day and pic stitch-ed instagram photos have found their way onto Facebook and Twitter to prove who loves daddy best.  Do we not see what’s happening?

How sad.

These holidays have turned into, “be jealous of my life, I’m cool” days.

photo (12)

Did I upload a photo? Yea.  And then I thought about it, how many dads have an instagram?  My dad doesn’t even have a Facebook (thank God), he certainly won’t see the Sepia filtered photo I asked him to take at the BBQ this afternoon.

Why can’t we tell our fathers how much we love them face to face, on their big day?  Why do we have to make a filtered photo on an app with a 3 paragraph long list of reasons you love them, reasons they might not even see?


I’m making it a point to tell my dad how much I love him today.  He is lying on the couch watching golf with a beer, drifting in and out of his dreams.  My sister has interrupted him 3 times to find out if she can go on the computer, eat a snack, etc.  He mumbles responses, he is exhausted.  Daddy works hard, he deserves a day.  He deserves to know that his hard work is acknowledged.  He deserves more than the instagram photo and Ralph Lauren T shirts I bought him.

After all, we all know that was a gift from me to me.  I wanted him to have those, more than he probably did.

Daddy came to my field hockey games and bowling matches in high school, he always gives me hugs when he is proud of me, and sure he makes me angry from time to time.. but that’s what dads are for.  He loves his family and we love him.

Why brag?

Daddy let me bring a kitten home.  Daddy is standing behind my decision to run away to New York City.  Daddy puts food on the table. Blah Blah Blah…

What about the people that don’t have a daddy as cool as mine?  We should be embracing dads, and everything they do: but bragging is not the answer.  Why put up a picture with a 5 mile long caption that could make other people feel bad??

Were you reading this post looking for fashion advice? Sorry. Here’s some advice to make you look prettier:

Be humble.  Be happy, that you have/had people in your life that are wonderful.  Make sure they know how much you appreciate them on a daily basis: not just on the day your calendar decides you should, everyday.  Don’t make it a Public Service Announcement.  (God forbid you’re classy)

If you wear pearls while taking my advice, even better.




One thought on “Happy Daddy’s Day

  1. I think you are completely right about that. Its clear to see that holidays have become a sort of contest of who has the best dad/mom, the best gifts, the best boyfriend and its pretty sad. But at the same time its only natural to share your love for the people you care about through social networking sites when social networking has become such a normal part of peoples lives. And for some of us, who cant see our dads on fathers day, its a way to share with them and the world how much we care about them even when we are oceans apart. Plus, like your Ralgh Lauren T-shirt it’s as much for us as it is for them.

    Love your post!
    Avo (www.avoslife.com)

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