I loved second hand shopping way before Macklemore made it cool.

Greetings Earthlings (and inhabitants of the other planets -and pluto, because I don’t discriminate):

I’ve had a really good weekend.  Since we last talked I was re-employed (?)

No, I did not go back to Coach.  However, I was finally trained at Ashker’s Juice Bar and (as I believe I have mentioned previously) I didn’t know if I was ever going to actually start working there, so this is good.  It’s a super social environment, where I make delicious smoothies and juices.  The time flies and the people are really nice.  It’s a welcomed change of pace, I’m no longer bored.

There are little things I would change about it, but there is no perfect job.

When I’m not working, I have been eating a lot of ice cream.  #sorrynotsorry

My younger sister’s dance recital was Friday evening and after enduring 3 hours of various forms of dance we splurged and enjoyed lots of soft-serve.  I have a mega sweet tooth, you see  and I’m really glad I mentioned this because I just remembered that I have Swedish fish in my purse.  Anyways, I also had ice cream in the smoothies I concocted last night, and at Fantasy Island this afternoon.

photo (3)

The amusement park was really fun.  I’m not a very um adventurous individual, but I conquered some super spin-y ride and the second rollar coaster that I ever went on.  It was called the Crazy Mouse and yes, as a matter of fact there were middle schoolers on it, but hey to each their own.  The above picture is of my sister Jenna and her friend Olivia.  They were my entourage at the park and kept life interesting if nothing else.

Jenna video taped me conquering the super spin-y ride for your enjoyment.  Do not watch the following video if you get sea sick, ride sick, dizzy easily, or can’t tolerate narration by an 11 year old:

The Disco (spin-y ride)

I also went on the Beanstalk (a ride full of constant stomach drops and shrieking by yours truly), a canoe boat ride [which was much more my speed], and multiple carousel rides with Owen.  Now that I have grown accustomed to wearing semi-scummy plain jeans and a t-shirt attire to work, I take advantage of any opportunity to dress up.  Yes, amusement park field trips are included.

photo (4)

I’m not sure how well you can appreciate my floral dress through the guillotine, but this is the only full body image I have.  I was thankfully smart enough to wear denim shorts under my dress.  My favorite part about this vintage inspired H&M piece is the bow detailing on the back.  You sadly can’t appreciate the cutesy accent in this picture.

I found the garment at Plato’s Closet for 10 dollars, and due to all of the selling I have been doing lately had 20% off too!  How could I pass that up?

I loved second hand shopping way before Macklemore made it cool.

I can recall many thrift store, Goodwill, and Salvation Army excursions, made purely by choice in high school.  I loved (and still do) finding a diamond in the rough!  Take the cross-body bag in the above picture for example: I found that leather Coach bag in MINT CONDITION at an estate sale.  The woman I bought it from still had the box and receipt to reaffirm when I paid 50 dollars for it, I was saving $100+.


Last week’s post mentioned this lovely sundress, but I didn’t share the $8.oo price tag!

Tomorrow I am going to a GIGANTIC mall about an hour away, so that Apple can fix my iPhone… but I’m less excited about the “sale” priced first hand retail.  What challenge is there in finding something on sale?  I challenge YOU to find a store that doesn’t have something on sale.

Right now, thrift shopping is a trend.  It will go out of style before you know it, and return to being an unmentionable in the eyes of many people.. but as long as you are trying to make economically conscious decisions, (which you should always attempt) why wouldn’t you be second hand savvy?


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