Depressing news and bright colored shoes

I jumped the gun.

I was overly confident and probably deserved the reality check that comes from not getting what you want.

Yesterday the verdict was in on the internship, and yesterday I did not consider what would happen if I didn’t like what I found out.

I did not get the internship.

I’m okay with it, but I will admit I was stunned.  I thought I might get the opportunity of rejecting it, not the other way around.

I am sure there were hundreds of girls with a similar reaction to mine. “The interviews went so well!” they would tell their mom’s, friends, and anyone within an earshot because they honestly did.

But if there aren’t hundreds of positions available, somebody obviously is not going to get the spots.

And this week that somebody was me.

I have accepted it and moved on.

After all, I am working really short weekend shifts and going to see a Fashion Show. I don’t have time to be down.

They’re giving awards to the most fashionable in the audience.. that’s a lot of pressure.

But bring it on, because I no longer have big decisions to focus on and the attire for a small town fashion show can take first priority.

Oh, well there are those projects I need to do. Really badly.

But I survived plenty of 3 am bedtimes at Canisius, I can pull them out for the next few weeks at home.


Since I now have a vacant summer, I am trying to think of all the vacations and concerts I need to go on/to.  I shouldn’t spend a ton because I actually have the ability to work and save… but ya know how that goes.

I have mentally already decided I want to go back down south again.  I will be trapped in a city forever, so I deserve some quality beach time.

I love how bright and lively it is on the beach.  I like the purple and black colors of my bedroom, except being on the lower bunk of queen sized beds I constantly feel like I am in a jail cell.

Just that.

It would probably help if the room had more windows, or if upstate New York believed in sunshine.

Whatever, I’ll have to make up for the depressing news with some cute shoes.


3 thoughts on “Depressing news and bright colored shoes

  1. Sorry to hear that you didn’t get the internship! But maybe it’s for the best. Having a summer where you can just focus on relaxing and saving money would be good for anyone, especially for someone going away to college the next year! I’m sure you’ll find something fabulous to do instead. (:

    • Thank you! I went to see Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat instead of the fashion show, nobody was as into the show as me. I will certainly be in touch if I come to Texas -thanks doll! Xo

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