I can’t live in the city where dreams are made of, looking like a nightmare.

I have a make up addiction.

I’m not one of those girls that looks like they’ve gotten into a fight with a pack of Crayola crayons, thats the girl that sold me my cosmetics, bless her soul.

I’m not sure why I didn’t care about her appearance before I bought cosmetics from her?  After all, my rules have always been:

1) Don’t get your hair done by a hair dresser with bad hair. (or ombre hair. purposely placed roots are just as bad as “i missed my 6 week mark” roots)

Valentino Rodeo Drive Flagship Opening

2) Don’t get your eyebrows done by someone with none (this includes tattooed on eyebrows or the other extreme of growing caterpillars across the face)


But thankfully, Miss. Bare Minerals representative did not give me bad recommendations, I love my purchases.  I bought mascara, silver eyeshadow that turns gold as it wears aka the coolest eyeshadow ever, black glitter shadow, nude lipstick, berry lipstick, brick red lipstick, purple eye liner, forest eye liner, black eye liner, a lip stick brush, a fan brush, and eye shadow primer.  For 45 dollars, this cosmetic excursion was much more successful than my Clinique trip 2 days prior.

I just wanted a “Taylor Swift’s last album-esque lip”.  I didn’t realize I may have to sell my first born child to get it.. but Red Red Red is worth worth worth it.  Although Bare Minerals has wax-less lipsticks, they don’t have a color with as much punch.  I don’t regret purchasing my Clinique lipstick and anti-oil powder in the least.


My mother on the other hand, doesn’t understand the investment that cosmetics need to be.  I hadn’t come to this realisation until rather recently, but you can guess mummy dearest has been around a few years longer than myself so I think she should understand.  I’ve had an ongoing lecture from her about saving for my 10×10 cell in Manhattan.  I know I need to.. but I can’t live in the city where dreams are made of looking like a nightmare.  At least I haven’t attacked my wardrobe all that much, $100 dollars worth of make up is so much self control.

When I wasn’t hiding my facial flaws, I was allowing waterproof spandex to expose a few others.  My swimsuit hunt at Old Navy and Marshalls was actually successful even though I decided not to order from ModCloth.  It was quite frankly beyond successful, because I got two.


Picture this suit on a person that has digested a cheeseburger (okay 2..), has the chest to fill it out and a more tan skin tone.  It’s actually really cute when you use your imagination.  Think more America Ferrara and less Nicole Richie.  Also, mine has more rouching, but not in a bad way.


Use your imagination just one last time, with this suit in coral!  This bad boy was TWENTY DOLLARS at Marshalls, and so figure flattering.  I’m not even ashamed to say both of these suits are one pieces, because they look really good!  And although I may not have the oompa loompa above’s thigh gap or 14 inch waist, I can say I will honestly be proud to strut in these swim suits on a sandy beach of self conscious bikini wearers.


PS: With a little help from Bare Minerals and Clinique, this was my classy Coach work look yesterday:


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