Plane ride to LaGuardia

Hello fellow preppies,

I am currently aboard  a CRJ700 on my way to Manhattan.  Well, LaGuardia to be exact.  I have high expectations for the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, lets hope they are fulfilled.  Tomorrow is my interview with Coach.  I packed a few options to wear, because it’s really crucial I have a nice professional outfit.  Tonight I am going to a comedy show, so whichever dress I don’t pick for the interview can be used for that.  Sitting near people on their way to Florida and other warm places leaves me disappointed in the weather of New York.  My flight was canceled yesterday due to this disastrous winter.  Don’t the weather gods understand that it’s March?  I am comfy yet fashion forward.  I am wearing my cream steve madden boots I bought last summer, gray ponte pant leggings, a beige oversized sweater, floral scarf, and navy polo hat.  My jewelry is minimal due to the security measures at the airport and my nails are a chipped lavender.  I didn’t have time to put on the banned emerald green that I can only get away with on my days outside Coach.  It’s a shame really.

From the airport I am taking a super shuttle to my apartment.  It’s so weird to say, and know that I am responsible for getting somewhere on my own.  I am meeting my friend Amy there, but I am not sure when he bus gets in.  The Wifi let me down on the airplane, GoGo wasn’t feeling it today.   We’re currently descending, and my ears feel like too balloons with electric razors on them.  Odd description I know.  LIM was closed due to snow today, so it doesn’t look like I will be visiting the school.  FIT is too stone cold to let anyone look around with out an organized tour.  It looks like I will be ordering delivery sushi and organizing a shopping expedition until Amy comes.  Can you imagine relaxing in the city that never sleeps?  That’s an oxymoron.  It’s nice to be away from the quaint town I live in.  I am slowly getting nervous to see giant skyscrapers and complete unfamiliarity though.  It will be exciting!

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