Incredible news and deals

Woo! New starts for Clearing Preppy’s Name! YAAAY!  If you’re reading this, I recommend glancing up at the URL and absorbing how fabulous it is to see instead of  A small step for the page, a huge step for fashion preps everywhere!

New steps for Allison too!  Guys, my dress wardrobe just expanded considerably.  I don’t even know where to start.  Today, Momma and I went shopping.  It was rather uneventful, involving stops at Kohls, Target, and a microscopic mall.  Inside that tiny mall was Charlotte Russe though, and I now take back the times I’ve bashed the store.. well a little.

There customer service still sucks, but there dress selection is *muah* magnifique!

I bought 9 dresses for 75 dollars. Let me repeat that: NINE DRESSES FOR SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS.

..please finish reading this post before you dash to your local CR.  I have more to say!

I combined my student id discount of 10% per item on this fantastic deal.  All the dresses were $6-15 dollars.  I feel ike it’s a steal when I find one for 25…

Below are some of the dresses I bought:

blog1 b11b12


They have open bow cut outs in the back.  Absolutely darling.  I am a sucker for the A-line shape too, it’s so figure flattering.

While I was trying to find some of the other floral dresses I bought online to show you, I found these babies:

FLORAL COMBAT BOOTS! Do you know how long I have been looking for a pair? #idied

Guess Charlotte Russe will be seeing more of me, especially since I get paid tomorrow! 🙂


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