In case you weren’t aware, Black Friday is one big marketing ploy.

As a world renown shopper and a lover of all things fashion related, Black friday SHOULD be a day with my name written all over it.  After my cousin scarred me with taking me black friday shopping in the 8th grade and ditched me at an outlet mall I was completely unfamiliar with, I’ve been a little biased against it.. but at 18 I decided to give it another chance.  After all, I’ve developed a very soft spot for all things kate spade and it’s a wonderful thing to purchase at 70% off when you are on a college student budget.

So when my cousin texted me about the opportunity to crazily attack this holiday with her at the outlet mall only a few minutes over the boarder from Canada, I smiled and agreed. I would rather take a risk like this in the company of a friend.

The reason I mention Canada, is because every Canadian and their mother entered the country to go to the Niagara Falls Outlet mall last night. It was pure insanity. I did not purchase a purple kate, because the wallet above that I was extremely tempted by was still 100 dollars. You’re supposed to hold my money, not be the reason I don’t have any money to store..?

I was a lot weaker at the knees for michael kors though. The mile long line that wrapped past hugo boss, kate spade, coach, and the lindt truffle store was a small price to pay, I thought: until I talked to a store associate that informed me even at a minimum of 20% off everything, the GORGEOUS hamilton I wanted would still ring up to nearly 320 dollars. Thankfully, I found this out after waiting in line 10 minutes. How humiliating would it be (not to mention how much it’d piss me off) to be waiting in line for 2 hours and only be able to drool over the great deals?


Not to mention how similar it looks to my pink Kate Spade that I love so dearly.. Some day when I am a professional women I plan on buying this gorgeous bag along with a classic black pair of Christian Louboutins. It’ll happen.

So what did I wait in a 2 hour line for then? Why go out Black Friday shopping as a Fashionista if you don’t plan on splurging?

A DOWN COMFORTER. Well 3. My cousin wanted. And it’s totally okay, cuz I got the experience I wanted Black Friday shopping, but lets just say goose feathers and never going intrigue me to wait that long at Bon Ton ever again.

At the outlets I bought a cute shiny top from Charlotte Russe. It was 12 dollars, so not that great a sale but nice none the less. It’s turquoise and I’d show you a picture except the internet hates me and doesn’t believe this top exists. You’re gonna have to use your imagination.

Imagine, its nice. But not nice enough to say it was worth going black friday shopping waiting in lines, not sleeping, and getting lost.

Oh yes. Black friday is a much more enjoyable experience when you remember where you live and how to get back there.

I lived in the middle of nowhere until the day before I went to college in August, I can partially blame that for the fact that besides my address and the fact my house is in between canada and a yacht club I had no idea where my house was at 6 am this morning.

My cousin and I took a TWO HOUR detour to figure this out.

Not enjoyable. I was running on the fumes of coconut frozen yogurt and a large sweet tea with so much sugar, I thought my tongue was crystalizing. My eyes were barely staying open, so God bless my cousin that was driving. I took us to the bridge that brings us to Canada, and the town we go to Church in. I even remembered where my brother’s friend lived.. but my house? Lost cause. My phone, which I am completely dependent on when it comes to directions: died. And her little nokia track phone was of no help.

My parents were sleeping and being the 18 and 21 year olds we were, it would be a disgrace to call them and ask for rescuing when we were sure we knew where we were going..

Next year, I’m sure I’ll plan better. This whole black friday escapade, is nice for some people. But I like to enjoy my shopping experience and feel rest assured I’m getting deals and with a lot of things I couldn’t say that. I went to the mall the day before thanksgiving and saw many of the same sales in action.

It’s all a marketing ploy! There are exceptions, but people need to do their homework! Kate was 20% off more than normal, and the Coach riding boots I wanted from Macys were on sale too.. but in a sea of sale and clearance signs people need to realize they probably aren’t saving that much at all. You get stuck in lines that wrap around the store filled with point of purchase displays, slowing sucking all the money you think you’re saving out of your pocket.

Black friday is good on paper, but so is communism.

Okay.. that’s a whole other topic, Im over tired pardon me.



One thought on “In case you weren’t aware, Black Friday is one big marketing ploy.

  1. I could not agree more! Retailers are trying to bring Black Friday to Canada even though we celebrate Thanksgiving in October, and every year when I see the crowds on tv it almost gives me a panic attack! I am all about savings but it really can’t be that worth it!

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