Momma’s birthday and a brand new Kate

Good evening fashionistas,

Blaring the music after watching the bitter debate between the two VP candidates tonight.. eh.

I’m way too republican to be in a room of democrats.

Thanks friends.. anyways:

Last we discussed I was going home for the weekend, filling you in briefly on life between classes. This past weekend I bought a new addition to my ever growing wardrobe.

Of course it was kate.

And I adore her. She is red plaid and absolutely perfect for fall. I was creeping on other bloggers though, seeing what handbags they were rocking this season and noticed the ever classic Chanel flap bag is back.

Not that it was ever gone.

And I wondered.. if I paid the cost of most college student’s cars for a handbag, would I use it forever?

And I know the answer is no.

So how do you explain it? I mean I have told myself since day 1 that I would buy Christian Loubitons with my first real professional pay check, but will I really?!

I don’t think I could fork over the money for the blessed Chanel. Or  can’t comprehend doing it yet.

At nearly 200, Kate Spade was a steal. And I still feel very impulsive about it.

Not regretful in the least though.

I wish I had a polaroid camera and had the motivation to take my pictures of the outfits I have each morning. The last two days have been effortless yet lovely. I purchased a faux cashmere sweater from Ann Taylor this past weekend, in a deep gray. Paired with deep denim skinnies, a black cardi and gray mary jane heels: mmm I took on the campus.

It looked great with the new Kate naturally.

Today was no different. Kate accented the look phenominally. I wore a cream oversized sweater from H&M, black leggings.. but really they were way thicker and better quality than leggings I ever owned before, and deep brown riding boots. My pearl earrings and brown plaid headband completed the look.

In case you’re concerned because of my neutral color pallet, I have to explain why.

My darling mother came to the campus when she dropped me off this past weekend and attacked my wardrobe. The doors couldn’t close before she came because I had so much.. and now you can hear a pin drop </3

Thankfully I utilize the space in my drawers very well for sweaters and jeans. So it’s not like I don’t have clothes.

I just hate not having color. Spring and summer are truly my months because pink in many shades is just sooooo in!

My mom stole all of my pink.

It’s a good thing it’s her birthday today, or I might have thrown a bigger hissy fit about her taking my prized possessions. I sent her flowers. Thats how much I love that darling woman. Easily my best friend.

Oh and I have a new kate to distract me. No wonder I can’t focus.


One thought on “Momma’s birthday and a brand new Kate

  1. You write beautifully my dear!I found out about your lovely blog through Fashion Parkway Fashion Blog Hop. Following you and hope you’ll follow back. Let’s stay in touch! xx Coco

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