The 5 oclock news thanks to yours truly

It’s big, typically safe -even though people make jokes about their law enforcement,  and for some like me a home away from home…

The mall.

And my local one? Has been threatened as the “next colorado event”.

WHAAAAT is the world coming to?!

I didn’t go shopping today because of crazy rumor spreading people. I went to the movies, and that may have more in common with the Aurora, Colorado incident than my innocent 4 wing mall.

Absolutely insane.

Want to know more about screwed up central new york? 120,00+ different versions of drugs were confiscated from a local headshop. Yea, in the middle of nowhere people still want to eat your face off. Or see if they’re capable of wacky things like that.

Not bad enough?

Tornado and thunderstorm watches and warnings are all over.

That’s your 5 oclock news from me. Nothing fashion related, I’m in yoga pants and a tank top.

But my brother got a haircut.

And I went to go see Brave the PG cartoon movie.

YAYYYYYY for an exciting life.


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