Blog sophistication

Sometimes, as I drool over other people’s very decadent blogs I realize what mine may lack. Today.. I decided it was sophistication.

Therefore, I came to the conclusion that clearingpreppysname’s page theme should be different.

I’m entering a new time of my life, one unlike the frivolous high school days that have passed. The light pink bubbly background was perfect for then, but shouldn’t my blog reflect these life changes?!

Burgandy is such a gorgeous fall color that just oozes elegance and sophistication in my humble opinion.

What’s your opinion of the new blog set up? The color tones? I’m still figuring it out. Feedback is great! Along with the new set up though, I also added a badge from Fashion Parkway Online Magazine. You can find it at the bottom of the home page :).

This is where you come in… I need your help. I’m part of a blog hop, and there is a list.

AHHH! The pressure :O!!

The list ranks popularity of the Fashion Parkway bloggers according to the Alexa traffic bar. My personal blog? It’s lagging. Yesterday, I ranked 2nd on the list. Today I’m ranking 15th. I want the lowest score possible.



(a play on hide your wife, hide your kids…)

okay, that’s a bad joke.

But spread the word to everybody and anybody about!

It obviously can’t survive without you!

And its author, yours truly, is expanding her online locations because of the recent success! Writing for Fashion Parkway Online Magazine has been a great way for me to meet new bloggers and expand my horizons. Why stop there?

I’ve found Image 34! Another online magazine, this time based out of the UK! I’m going to writing fashion segments for them starting in September. This new phase of my life should inspire new styles and new reasons to gush about all things fashionable.

Once I’m away from a town with a population of 5,000 I really think it would be hard not to find inspiration.

Today’s finger nail polish inspired my blog change. The possibilities are endless!



The question is.. now that my finger nail polish has been so life changing, what colors should I paint my toes?!


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