From lace to leather in 5 days

It’s a difficult task; trying to make a preppy lover of lace and pearls convert to B.A. style for just one day…

If you didn’t understand what I meant by that, I’ll break it down.

Tuesday, Warped Tour is coming to Darien Lake. And my darling roomate Brya as well as I are going to ride crazy rides (the carousel) and watch concerts. I was warned by some of my closest friends that went in the past that my lace and pearls will be laughed at. I need to become harcore for that 12 hour period to really enjoy myself.

It’s harder than it sounds though! You don’t understand. I don’t own anything leather except for my riding boots and the closest thing I have to studs are the rhinestones I wear in my ears?! I am not against punkish bad-assness… I just can’t pull it off.

I told Brya I think of leather, studs, and combat boots when I think of B.A. I just think I need to find my own version of those things for Tuesday. I’ll have gone to the outlets and 2 seperate malls by then and MUST find something. I told argyle and button downs probably will make me stand out like a sore thumb.

I impulsively purchased 3 dresses at Forever 21 last weekend and I’m returning those. I adore F21, but I hate that my impulse buys only give me store credit in exchange. So I have $60-70 that are tied to that specific store and I’m hoping I can find my B.A. attire there.

I also bought 2 pairs of jeans for $10.80 a piece at F21 when I was there the other day. They are such great pieces  for my fall wardrobe. Less than 40 days until I’m at Canisius btw!!

When I was shopping I also splurged on a few purchases. I have some graduation money to work with and I’m using it on a laptop (if I can get my head around spending that much on something besides clothes) mostly but the following were well worth what I paid:


Essentials for any preppy entering college don’t you think? Sure, bandolino boots and a fossil watch were typically out of my price range a hair but theres no other way better I could think of saying “Happy Graduation” to me!


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