Wrapped in Merino: “Weaving a world record attempt”

Bored? Online? Story of my life, but I’ve found something new to do that will pass the time a little quicker… And it’s setting a record. As an addict of fashion and a writer of all technology involved in fashion, I have a habit of bragging about new techy things I find cool and other things I hate.

Add Wrapped in Merino to the “cool” list and help set a world record today! They’re aiming to create the longest social scarf in the world! Watch this video for more details:


I’m proud to say I made my photo for the virtual scarf the other day, it’s so preppy and cute! My scarf was gray argyle! Totally fitting. Check out this link to add to the social scarf:


In my textiles class, we learned about Merino wool among many other types of natural materials that can be used in clothing. I find it interesting that these different corporations working with these materials are catching on the “social bandwagon” to encourage their success. I also appreciate the fact that here in America it’s summer and I don’t really want to think about wearing wool as I’m sweating my make up off.  I’d rather “design” myself with it. This is an interesting new way to spread the word about this warm material perfect for the winter months and since not all the people of the world are enduring this summer heat stroke right now, it may even inspire those of you effected by the cold to purchase wool garments.

What are some of your favorites?


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