Sperry Top Sider Heart Break

For the last several pay checks I have known what I wanted my money to go towards, but was not impulsive enough to move forward on the transaction. Seersucker Angelfish Sperry Top Sider Boat shoes. I refuse to pay $90 at Macy’s though. So I’ve done my research and saved just enough to make the purchase (it’s easier to spend in $20 increments, so I’ve struggled with this haha). Of course I said I’d wait until the next day.. the sale ended. I found another site and it turns out to be a scam. I found another site where I got the price down to 58!!! But the coupons I had excluded Sperrys. Ugh. My mom says it’s a sign I don’t need more shoes, obviously it’s just a sign there is a cheaper price out there somewhere..

Anyways. I hope everyone is sucking up this BEAUTIFUL weather today. Since church I’ve been lounging outside, trying to get my tan on :). I’ve done a little homework.. but I really don’t  have  motivation to do more. I’m going to Planet Fitness later, but I refuse to do laundry (GTL) hahaha. My mom and sister went on a camp out this weekend without me.. So I was stuck with my dad and 3 brothers when I wasn’t at Kmart. It was crazy. I love them dearly, but I’m not a mom for a reason. Can you say responsibility overload?

I’m now blaring The Script, thinking about getting icecream. Which is totally against my urge to go to the gym?? Uh. I want somethink cold and liquidy.. maybe I’ll go down to the creek. Hm. Not much to inform ya’ll on today. I’m distracted. Sorry loves!

But when a heart breaks. no it don’t break even.


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