Two more days until the college part of me is on Summer Vacation.

I’ll never ever ever ever do it again.

Okay, maybe.. like if someone dies in my family, or I’m in a coma.. but I’ll really try to never ever ever leave everyone out of the loop from my life again! I can’t go without my blog, I talk about it so much! But I just didn’t blog for like 2 weeks? So what’s happened to me? Hmmmm.


I made that 4.0 possible. I’m not saying I got it, but I’m saying after some major blog deprivation and super studying I am coming back from the 3.9 possibility haha

I’ve become best friends with my roomate and suitemates. I CANNOT wait until college. I got an e-mail about orientation and started getting nerves about the outfit I will wear already.

Besides planning that far in my future I’ve been planning a little closer too. In the next month is FASHION CAMP and after a few bumps in the road, I’ve figured out how I can be compensated for what I deserve (I mean this in the least greedy way possible) and I’ve decided on some project for my little minions to complete! Haha I mean that in the most endearing way :).

Last Saturday I went to a Fashion Show. Herkimer style. It was REALLY good. All this surrounding of fashion.. you would think I would never change my mind about what I want to do with my life/major/college experience.

I thought so too.

But I guess we both thought wrong dolls 😦 Very wrong.

I’m not meant for this! I decided on Canisius, except I thought the whole time I was meant to be on the Retail Buying end of Fashion. And everything is so much clearer now, I’m not!

Who would want to make the girl that failed the Trig Regents a retail buyer? What girl that failed the Trig Regents would WANT to crunch numbers?

GROSS. Not this girl.

So last minute, per usual, I changed my mind. The thing is, it’s for good this time. I am not allowed to change it back again!

I am going to Canisius. But I am highlighting my skills, like writing and talking.

So guess what I’m going for?

I should give you time, maybe a cliff hanger.. but I’m not going to. Because I have ranted in almost 2 weeks and I feel you deserve to know that I am going to be majoring in Communications with a concentration in Advertising and Public Relations.


None of my hard work will go to waste. And I will still make you all proud. After all, preps are known for their stubborness and hard working attitude aren’t they?

Wouldn’t want to dissapoint! 



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