Dress for success.

Hello preps and darlings of all styles,

I hope you’re having a good friday. I woke up the morning, a chunk of my hair was mysteriously dyed pink, my yoga pants band had a stain under the tag (which of course I ripped off), later on a I found a hole in them (so they’re letting me exchange them), I have an extremely sore throat, and I work 6:00-10:30.

It’s obviously Friday the 13th.

But, it’s not all bad. While I am suffering at K-mart for 4 and a half hours, our house is being visited by a realtor and possible buyer.  This will be their second visit, therefore a step in the right direction. A step towards getting me out of this place.

Along with that step comes a giant dose of cleaning. It’s honestly exhausting and disgusting. When you add in the fact I don’t feel wonderful, have a ton of homework and have a 4.5 hour shift to look forward to? I’m obviously gushing enthusiasm.


When I wasn’t cleaning I was busy with other priorities though.. I was packaging my items I have to ship out for Poshmark, painting my nails with blingtastic nailpolish I received from Poshmark, and awaiting the coach bag I am yet to receive through Poshmark. Obviously, I’ve been distracted and per usual my iPhone is to blame. I wonder sometimes how I ever lived without it before.

But, I finally sent out my Dorothy Perkins returns, which was something I REALLY needed to do. It only cost me 12 dollars to ship to the UK, and because I need to have money (after my previous shopping engagements I’m down to double digits) I agreed to pay it so that I would receive 43 back.

Next week I need to find the motivation to wear these new absolutely darling clothes I’ve purchased. The only thing during this so called “spring break” I could bring myself to wear were yoga pants.. I was mentally on spring break from highschool and physically the stressed college student. I had to attend classes even though my immature mindset begged me not to.

Of course my yogas sparkled and shined though. So it could be much worse.

I now own 2 pairs of boot cut yogas, 3 pairs of cropped yogas, 2 pairs of cropped legging yogas, and 1 pair of legging yogas.. my put together matchy matchy ways are slipping, but the price tag is still just as hefty. I’m obviously sick.. but I won’t let you down forever. Monday I have a peter pan collared floral dress from Forever 21 to show off, and I’m looking forward to it. If I’m feeling ambitious I might even wear heels.  Besides yoga pants, my new obsession is this style collar. It’s SO cute.

I have to get back in the swing of things also because after all I was published in The Evangelist newspaper for fashion choices. Specifically modest ones. If you want to know more about that article? Click the link below:


Don’t loose hope guys. I’ll be back writing a lot more, once I’m done with projects and an overwhelming amount of work. 18 days of college classes left and then you’ll be begging to get rid of me :).

Still can’t get enough?

Remember you can now find me on www.fashionparkway.com very shortly too!

Looking stylish but sickly.. Love always!


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