No april showers, just april flowers. {good news}


Happy Easter to everyone celebrating today! I am thrilled to say I have received more than just a basket of candy on our Lord’s great day! And unlike many of the K-Mart shoppers that have turned Easter into Christmas, I’m not talking about a bike, a trampoline, or any material possession. I could go all mushy on you and I say I have received fabulous time with my family, but I have news that’s ALMOST even better…


And to those that don’t know the wonderful CEO and Editor-in-chief of Fashion Parkway, go to and gush immediately.

She’s so well educated in the world of fashion and so amazing I don’t know where to start. I have followed her through twitter for a while (follow me at @preppylogic15) and noted that the online mag was accepting applications for new writers. I didn’t think the odds were in my favor, I didn’t think I had a shot at all, but I figured I should try.. after all it’s always worth a short!


You are now reading a blog by the new writer of “The Business of Fashion” chapter of the site!

I really can’t express how thrilled I am.

It doesn’t even compare to how thrilled I was that the easter bunny was considerate and left me 100 calorie snacks in my basket this morning. Not even close.

I am going to e-mail Miss. Shay Marie after this blog entry, super quick because I have to get back to the family festivities downstairs. I just had to share this information with you, and tell you about some of the items I bought at the mall yesterday.

I was fortunate enough to find a peter pan lace collar necklace with rhinestones on it! $8 at forver 21 and it will definitely add sparkle and vintage class to any plain shirt I own.

I was feeling kinda lazy and had coupons so I also bought 2 pairs of Victoria’s Secret PINK yoga capris :). They also sparkle.

I bought a few more accessories and of course another pair of PURPLE J-crew shorts, but I was on a 3 hour time crunch and I am going to Carousel mall Tuesday for some more shopping with my sister, mom, and friend Caitlin. So I had to budget my money.. and all of this college talk is probably going to make that happen more than I’m used to, I really need to learn to adjust.

But, I’m being practical since I finally decided what I’m doing with my college career. It’ll be tough, maybe not the easiest.. but it will work. And I will be 18 with an associates degree, which is also pretty chill.

Okay! Have a fabulous un-diet worthy day preppies!


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