If stress burned calories, I’d be a supermodel

This is my week off of work.. I don’t know why I’m stressing. The count down to college/highschool being over continues, but then a new chapter of my life starts!
I got into Savannah College of Art and Design.

I am so excited.

And maybe that excitement is my neon sign. The sign saying I NEED to go there, because I certainly didn’t have that uber excited feeling when I got into Lasell.

Then again I was Marist brainwashed at that point.

All of this college talk and desire to get a 4.0 is so stressful…

It’s really difficult to focus on eating well when I want to take out my disgust with human beings and the work load they expect me to be able to carry. So I ate the happy medium between healthy and junk food, and I feel better.


Mmm. It was good. And the Easter bunny agreed to buy me 100 calorie snack packs for my basket :). And some are chocolate, so I should be satisfied.

When I’m not eating, I’m shopping, sleeping or working. So since I received my dorothy perkins package friday I was focusing on the shopping portion of that equation.

I’m not thrilled with them.

I bought 3 items. A blue bow dress:

Which I do love. And am keeping, but then it goes down hill from there.

I’ve never ordered anything from the UK, so I’m not familiar with their sizing. All I know is when I see a cute dress or shirt, I order it. And use their conversion chart to figure that out.  Oops. Doesn’t work that easily.

A UK size 14, is a US size 10, and when a girl between dress sizes 8 and 10 decides that sounds acceptable, it’s not. I am now screwed with a large orange dress. And I don’t appreciate looking like a pumpkin.

It’s thin and wispy, and doesn’t cinch well enough at all. Because it might cost me more than the dress is worth to send it back to the UK, I believe I am just going to get the sides taken in and suck it up.

Or I’ll sell it on Poshmark, so keep your eyes peeled.

I want my $30 back..

I ordered a tunic that said “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT” with a blonde chick covering her eyes on DP’s too. It’s cute.. too big as well 😛 but they refunded me my 17 dollars because I called them and complained about the graphic flaw that looks a bit like a stain. I expected them to want me to send the tunic back right?


They told me to keep it because shipping is so expensive.

So yeah. I got a free flawed shirt.. but that is why I’m stuck with the orange dress. Even they know international shipping is ridiculous.

Okay, enough ranting for this non-super model. Hope everyone is having a fabulous day, and I’m not ragging on Dorothy Perkins.. they still have really cute stuff. Just don’t know if I can shop internationally while on a $7.25 budget any more 😛


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