The time has finally come!!


My guest blog is up! And I am thrilllllled. I have been awaiting the days of “frock stock publications” haha and it finally paid off :). I am hoping to gather some new, modest, preps from this entry and have much more to discuss with you! The website is for those of you who didn’t know!
This is a quick blog before bed, so I apologize profusely if I disappoint, but I found the coolest iPhone app EVER today.


Please check it out today! You can buy pieces from my wardrobe! As well as from many other fashionistas. It’s like eBay for the fashion forward! And I’m already hooked. I’m working tomorrow 11-5 then babysiting 4 kids 5-12, just to support this newfound addiction.. Lol jk nahhh I just want to shop more period.

If/when you decide to join prepsters, I definitely suggest putting in HBEEG in the invite code box, so you get a 5 dollar credit automatically! I’m techy challenged.. So I didn’t figure that out until it was too late, but learn from my mistakes!

Ohkay. I’m so tired suddenly.

Wew. No more candy for dinner for me.. Wow. Total sugar drop.

Night preppies. Spread the word!!

Love youuuuu
Allison -and owen-


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