A preppy quaint town built for people like me

Is it true? Could it really exist? A preppy quaint town for people like me?

I can hardly believe it. But as I sit in this precious townhouse with the nicest kitchen and vintage remodeled bathrooms, I believe it could be true. It is official, I am out of the North Eastern chunk of the United States and I am THRILLED. I am in Savannah, Georgia. Smack dab in the middle of the bible belt is how my Aunt (pronounced ont, obviously) described it. It is precious.

From the moment we drove up and I saw moss covered trees near brownstones and townhouses surrounded by flowers in a place called a city, but without the intimidation.. It felt like home. The small crappy town I live with in not home, it is just where my house presently chooses to reside.

I did not know how to pack for these unfamiliar surroundings, and I was severely limited. I would download cute little comics like I ordinarily do, so that you could understand my shopaholic confusion, but this isn’t my laptop and I respect that. Anyways, I had to pack light, so that I have room for my purchases and I forgot a few items. I was a teensy bit  stressed about that, since clothes are my life, but I’m over it. I have bigger and better things to stress about now.

SCAD (savannah college of art and design) is where my heart is dependent on going now. I feel like I just need to be there. Have I seen it? No. I just hope it doesn’t crush my hopes and dreams. Tuesday I am going to visit, and as I pondered the website thoroughly for the first time in a while, I came to a conclusion. Oh. I could find out if I am accepted, IF I apply TONIGHT BEFORE MIDNIGHT!?!

Can I do it? UGH.

Yeah. I suppose I could.

So, this is a learning lesson for all of you strivers out there.

You are never really on vacation….

Gotta go eat some filet minon, or something shmansy at this high class southern restaurant we’re going to. Ah, this is great. 🙂


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