Smart stylish people should get snow days too.

This morning I was woken up to the sound of my mother. “Do you have college?” she asked..


I’m a partial zombie, it’s 8:37 in the morning. How the hell should I know?

(Btw, if you ever get the urge to google sleeping zombie girl, so you can put a picture in your blog? Don’t. You might get nightmares)

Once reality set in approximately ten minutes later, I decided I should find out if there was college due to the fact I have a 9:30 class, and it is extremely apparent if you have a scummy day in fashion classes.

I can’t even remember what I was wearing..

Jeans? Yeah. And a blue and white stripey shirt. It was cute, simple. I looked tan, but I was still burnt. I couldn’t bring myself to try too hard. I had a snow day for highschool, but God forbid you go to college, Smart people? They can go get stuck in a snow bank because it doesn’t really matter if they survive.. No snow days for them. Yeah. Explain that logic?

Anyways, there was college, and I got through it.. barely. Sushi for lunch, lounging the rest of the day. I should be studying, but I’m having a mental block. I don’t feel like doing anything.

Wow. That has to be the lamest blog post everrr.

Sorry guys ❤ but after missing yesterday I knew I owed you something.


I got my fortune cookie today at the Japanese/Chinese place:


Hahhaha. No, fortune said “Minutes are worth more than money, spend them wisely.” So I don’t know if I’m going to die soon? I’m hoping not, but I decided not to go tanning today therefore hopefully I won’t die of skin cancer.

Night Preppies!


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