I need fashion, elegance is a passion.

Happy Monday Preppies!

Yes, I did say happy. Go in with a positive attitude, it will be a promising day. Even says so below 🙂

Anyways, fashionably I had a kind of lazy day today. It shouldn’t come as a shock since it is a Monday, but tomorrow I refuse to disappoint.


I’ve been thinking about my spring break trip to Georgia and I need to bring the most amazing wardrobe ever. Is it sad part of me ranks a college based on how its students dress? I need to work on not judging a book by its cover, but I think it’s allowed to an extent with the college search. Do people really wear hats down south? I love hats.. I think I’m buying a big floppy Kentucky Derby style hat for the beach when I go down there. I am so excited for the vacation house. And just the whole trip. 🙂 eep.


Down south it will be warm.. I have to wear shorts :P. Ugh. Capris? Skirts 🙂

Says the girl eating the “Savannah Smiles” girl scout cookies… I really need to work on this whole eating healthy thing. I found a comic strip as to why I can’t eat healthy for lent or whatever.

Lately when I’m not eating, working, or at school I just want to sleep. My brother Owen has the right idea. Maybe next Monday I’ll try to eat healthy and dress up. Yeah, next Monday sounds promising.





PS: Please note Owen’s Ralph Lauren Rugby polo. It is adorable and I know I lacked on the fashion segment of this post, tune in tomorrow.. Tuesday will be inspiring I’m sure 😛


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