I dress like I’m 6, I am 17, but I act like I’m 18.

As I got dressed this morning I couldn’t help but think about that. I was wearing a green polo under a floral dress with tights and a headband, I looked like a wicked stylish 6 year old, but I love it :). I am 17 years old, sadly. I wish I were 18 most of the time  because I want to have an internship in NYC, but I can’t live alone as a minor, I wanted to go to London College of Fashion, but you have to be 18 to study abroad with them, and if I were 18 I just feel like I would have more power. I’m happy I’ll be 18 in September because I can vote, but otherwise it’s kinda too late.


I’m working again in 20 minutes so this blog is going to be kind of short and sweet. I realized I never shared with you guys my possible summer plans though and since I’m talking about wishing I was 18 I think it is appropriate I share.

YOURS TRULY MAY BE HOSTING AT FASHION CAMP FOR LITTLE GIRLS AGE 9-13. And I am thrilled. I can corrupt young children’s fashion sense at a young age, teach them the do’s and don’ts to this amazing topic. I am so excited you don’t even know.My professor approached me to find out if I would be interested and now the committees and dean are going through finalizing everything because I’m 17.. it’s tricky and controversial, but I’m crossing my fingers. Just the thought of being approached is mind blowing. Not every 17 year old can say that! And I make minimum wage at Kmart.. I will be making 15-20 dollars AN HOUR at this camp. It will only be two sessions at most and anwhere from 15-30 hours, but when you are 17? That’s practically real money.


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