Real life princess.

As much as I admire Kate, I am not referring to her. For the second time on clearing preppy’s name I am discussing the all powerful, oh so memorable prom day; where every teenage girl aught to feel like a princess. I’ve been through the drill twice, but I want it to be even better the third time.

Tenth Grade

Eleventh Grade

2 blog entries ago I showed my options and even though I have not bought the dress, I’m trying to convince my mother to go up friday to put down a down payment towards it, because mentally I have decided.. This preppy princess has to pay half the cost of the gown since I have expensive taste, but its worth it. At least I believe Option 4 is worth it. 🙂 that is by far my favorite dress.

It’s so unique and fashion forward. It’s almost like a different happy medium of my previous dresses. Poofy, yet different. I think it’s unexpected and worth the almost 400 dollar price tag, I hope my mother agrees. She isn’t sold on the feathers..

My runner up would have to be Option 1 and then Option 2. I’m a kind of over the top person, so I can’t help but love the rainbow dress! I don’t want it to overwhelm me though, and I would need a size bigger because it was far too tight on top -which I think shows- but I LOVE the back. Which you couldn’t properly appreciate in the voting.


Anyways, since it’s Ash Wednesday I have to head off to church now. And because I stayed up till all hours last night, it will take extra effort to get ready.. I look oh so lovely. Notttt.

TTFN fellow preppies ❤



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