I don’t know how, or why I’m awake right now.. oh wait.

Yes, I do. I inhaled dark chocolate at approximately 8 oclock this evening and now at almost 1 in the morning I am paying the toll.

I am wide awake, as if the caffeine just planted itself conveniently next to all of my fashion inspiration in my mind and now I’m just completely focused on this blog.  I keep commenting on other people’s blogs and trying to gain an understanding of what attracts people to a blog, what people write about, and how to keep the flow going, but I think in the end as long as I am satisfied with what I write about that is what matters. Writing a blog is almost like wearing an outfit.  There are certain trends that are obviously in style, and it feels great when people note what you are wearing, but you don’t have to wear those trends to be successful. You may be successful as long as you are confident and happy in the outfit you are wearing.  That being said, I am not your ordinary seventeen year old girl.  Hollister skinny jeans and graphic tees aren’t found in my wardrobe, instead pleated skirts and shoes dipped in glitter have taken their place. I do have a preppy style, but if you looked at my entry about prom dresses, I do prefer a classic statement with slight edge.  I believe that over all, my priority with style is to dress my body type properly.  I do not have a modelesque build, but I am on the taller side.  I am curvaceous with a little more to love in the mid section yet not embarrassed.  I believe that knowing how to dress your body is key in being successful in fashion, whether age seventeen or seventy.  By reading fashion blogs and keeping up to date with fashion magazines, I don’t only expose myself to a variety of trends, but also a variety of styles that may not reflect my own.  If I want to be a successful retail buyer, I must purchase for the mass markets, not necessarily me -although is JCrew or Ralph Lauren were the retailers I worked for I know I would perform phenominally-.  To end this rant, even if I enjoy seeing my multicolored nails fly across the keyboard, I would just like to leave my blogettes (readers) with something from one of my many fictional icons, Blair Waldorph:

So go out into the world, whether its one in the morning or five in the evening.. and make something happen.


2 thoughts on “I don’t know how, or why I’m awake right now.. oh wait.

  1. Ohh no, I’ve done this! I get a huge stomachache if I eat chocolate (or cheese) late at night. I also can’t have any caffeine after about 3pm or I’m wired all night long.

    Love the Blair quote 😀

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