Prom dress challenge

There’s that day in every highschool girl’s career where she insists on feeling like a princess. She needs the date and the shoes, but more importantly the dress. Yours truly is in limbo (highschool and college), but wants to enjoy that day just as much. Please comment below and let me know your personal opinion on the dresses, I can’t promise I will take them into consideration, but a preppy princess would not want to disappoint her followers.


Option 1




Option 3


Option 4



I would also like to know which dress you believe is my favorite. Remember, this is a life altering decision, don’t be afraid of being part of it (;



12 thoughts on “Prom dress challenge

  1. all I can say is woah! to the first one haha not going to lie if it was me that would definitely be a contender. It is fun, like big top circus fun!

    option 4 I would probably go with as a safe alternative to option1.

    the other 2 are too predictable for a prom. My prom dress was very predictable but it gave me the craziest hour glass waist.

    -Bianca at

  2. Option 3 is BEAUTIFUL!!! It makes you look like an hourglass and your waist look teeny tiny! Also, it is probably the classiest and most elegant of them all in my opinion. My prom dress was that color and when I look back on my pictures (7 years ago now, yikes!) I still love the dress. Glad I picked a dress that didn’t look so “prom” but was more evening gown and lovely. Whichever you pick though, I’m sure you’ll look great!

  3. Option one has a little too much going on. I can’t see you because all I see is “dress”. You don’t want to disappear. Your dress should flatter you, not overpower. Option 4 is my favorite but I’m a bit fashion forward. I liked Option 3 as well.
    Did you notice that I thought Option 1 had too much going on but I like Option 4 the best? Seems like Option 4 has a lot more going on, huh? Go figure.

  4. I like the second one with the deep jade green on the bottom. It’s the most flattering and classy, but the rainbow one is very fun!! keep up the great blogging! r&h xx

  5. Hey! Just thought I’d say Option 3 or 4 are my favorites. You look amazing in them! I second the circus-like look of the first option. Please don’t get that one, the others are way better.
    (Oh, and your blog’s name is brilliant. πŸ™‚ )
    – Amy

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