I now understand why pageant girls wear flippers.

If you aren’t highly educated on toddlers and tiaras terminology, a flipper is a set of gorgeous white fake teeth pageant contestants wear (more than likely of the younger caliber) to cover their own. I used to think it was annoying and fake to wear such designs but now that I am in teeth pain myself, (although visually they are still lovely) I wish I had a flipper. This might sound like the most boring blog everrrr, discussing teeth, but don’t fret (or leave) because it’s my turn to vent. I have a weakness for candy, sue me. And I cash out people all the time at KMart with disastrous teeth, who obviously had a weakness for sugar too, but I can’t afford teeth issues! And I most certainly don’t want teeth like those people. If I had a flipper, I wouldn’t have to worry about this. To make a long story short, I have to have a root canal in a few weeks and OMG that sounds painful. I personally feel God should have thought through this teeth thing a little better. Why did he have to make them out of calcium and stuff that is worn away by plaque? Why did he have to make them like yellow tinted when matched with pink lipstick?

Highly annoying, big Guy. I understand you had other things to deal with but next time you decide to create another human race, I suggest using something else for teeth.


3 thoughts on “I now understand why pageant girls wear flippers.

  1. Is it sad that I clicked on this strictly “because” I knew what a flipper is? No, I’ve never even watched the Toddlers & Tiaras show and I don’t have a flipper either. I’ll let you ponder that one. lol. Love your posts. Very witty!

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