Do you see the way they look at you in the mall?

That’s the sign of a true fashionista. One that turns heads walking from one end of the mall to the other said by fashion disaster of a father. I love him dearly, but playing his stylist today at the Carousel mall before my tour of SU was a challenge. He hates to shop. Ask me how were related again? Eh. We are. Haha
But anyways after my dad said that I was much more observant… Cuz the fashion dud was right. I was just wearing a striped blazer, pop tunic, skinnies, and silver sequin uggs but I did seem to captivate a certain audience at the mall. It’s a confidence booster if nothing else haha
I’m sorry I haven’t blogged lately, this highschool and college shenanigans is stealing all my time. But I’m back! Inspired by the blog of Jay McCarroll himself. I need to stick with this, one day I’ll get my name out there like him.
Thank you patient preppies<3


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