People go to work, do the cat daddy.

The at cat daddy is stuck in my head. How sad is that! Yesterday was crazyyyy I was up all night, legit, and suffered as a result today. I just finished my homework, slept most of my life away, and when I woke up at 930 I thought it was tomorrow soooo I showered and even almost put jeans on. Whoops! There’s a reason I’m not supposed to be over tired. Imagine if I went to work! And I swear I didn’t even drink last night. All right, sorry for the lack of fashion, but with the exception of the jeans I wore to church (omg.. I wore jeans to church! Depressing)I’ve spent most of my day in pajamas. Keep updated on the blog, I’ll post everyday! Comment awayyy!

Zzzzzz. Allison.


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