Let’s do this.

I see people in seventeen and teenvogue becoming famous because of their fabulous pictures and style so why can’t I? Let’s do this.  I have style, I even have a  mission statement, so why not? My mission -if you were to lazy to read my about me *cough cough*- is to clear preppy’s name.

I love preppy.

I love argyle, polos, oxford shirts, ballet flats, headbands, pearls, sparkle, and Audrey Hepburn.

I hate preppy’s reputation.

What the hell?

We’re not all popular (thats for sure).

We’re not all backstabbers (duh).

We’re not all wearing Abercrombie and Hollister 24/7 (OBVIOUSLY). Because for the 14 billionth time.. THAT IS NOT NECESSARILY PREPPY.

As for the first two comments, I know Gossip Girl may be to blame. And I would kiss the ground Blair Waldorph walks on, be a minion, whatever it took, before I’d bash the show.. but I’m sick of the reputation it has given us preps! I’m clearing preppy’s name, after all God knows, it needs it.

Oh, and as for the last comment? Oh my God. You pay more at JCrew for a crisp white beautiful button down and a pink and green skirt from Lilly Pulitzer (which I would clearly match with Navy Ralph Lauren Knee Socks and White High Healed Loafers from Coach) for a CLASSIC GORGEOUS outfit than at Hollister you EVER will. Don’t compare my prized possessions, my babies, MY CLOTHES to the Indonesian craftsmanship of that seagull baring label. I’m not a label whore, but I’m sick of the comparison.

To end this blog, I’d like to ask a question.

Would a poster that says

Be too forward to put on my wall in my college dorm? I better not get stuck with a jock for a roomate.. not to sound judgemental :*

11:11 MAKE A WISH.

I wish I knew where I was going to college. Ugh. I should probably figure that out BEFORE I figure out what I’m going to hang on my walls.

I searched the top 10 preppiest colleges in the United States. My mom says that isn’t good criteria to base my decisions on.

In honor of the Gossip Girl mention in this article:



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