It’s too early to function.

A Saturday morning and I’m up before ten? That’s because I want to be suuuuper dedicated to this blog.. Okay not why I’m up :/ sorry. I have a TON of homework, a room that looks like my wardrobe and shoe racks threw up everywhere, and a trip to the mall at 130 which I must be presentable for. Mini me aka Jenna Grace, my sister of age nine, needs heels for the sweetheart dance tonight! This also reminds me, I have a night club party tonight for one of my friends that’s turning 18. We both have to look fabulous and I’m sure we will come home with loads of stuff šŸ™‚ but we are smart about it. The shop savvy app and geocoupons are my best friends. Our mall is pathetic (lacking in most things preppy) but I never disappoint. I’ll come home with something to die for, that deserves the reputation i’m going to give preppy. Alright. That’s all for this ungodly hour!

Oh, these were one of my last preppy purchases when I went to Boston. So cute right?!


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