It costs more to get a new customer than keep the old.

You would think New York and Company would realize it costs more to get a new customer than keep an old. STOP SCREWING US OVER AND MAKING US EXCITED WHEN YOUR COUPONS MAKE US BUY MORE. Like Oh My God. I have the money to buy 90 dollars worth of clothes, but it’s the principle of the thing. If I have a 40 dollars off a 90 dollar purchase coupon obviously I’ll use it so I can buy more for less but not so I can buy more and get told I’m 10 cents off so I have to buy a whole nother 10 dollars worth of stuff. I’ll admit I was impulsive on a 70 dollar sweatshirt at Victorias Secret, but I used a ten dollar coupon and they’ll keep me as a customer. For the love of argyle, why can’t New York And Company learn their lesson so I dont blog ferociously about them? I liked those sweaters, but who knows if I will order them online after that transaction.
Signed your preppy pissy princess,

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