I picked out what YOU are wearing for Memorial Day. You’re Welcome.

If you are unemployed, the natural thing to want to do constantly is buy things.

I seriously believe that it is possible that I am genetically programmed to have that desire…. but regardless of my disposition to purchase:   I can’t.

With the holiday weekend rapidly approaching, it is difficult to ignore sale sign after sale signs.  I’ve tried to put together some patriotic outfits for the prep with her pockets lined with a bit more cash than me.

Here are some suggestions of appropriate attire to celebrate Memorial Day in:




I love the color and flattering bikini top style.  I purposely picked this lightweight tunic because it could double as a swimsuit cover up.  After all, Memorial day is a frequent date for when the pools open here (upnorth).  And of course the cutesy bow is the perfect dash of prep and class on such a casual holiday.




I don’t have the stomach to rock that crop top, but since I am “buying” for YOU I figure why not?  Stripes are so in this season.  The high-low skirt is so flowy and cute, also very trendy.  I would certainly wear that.  And how can you not use a new pair of gladiators? Especially white ones.. white sandals are made to be replaced.




The faded shorts could be a Pinterest DIY I’m sure.  Dress them up with this peplum style top, just be careful as you apply Rihanna’s newest lipstick (collab with MAC cosmetics), I’ve heard it stays on forever :*

So ladies, think of me when you get loads of compliments on Memorial Day.  It was impossible to write this post without Gwen Stefani’s “Rich Girl” going through my head…


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  1. Sally says:

    Hello! I am just popping over to say thak you for the lovely comment over on my little blog! I am off to have a little nosey around these parts now 🙂 xxx

  2. I totally agree – what is it about having NO MONEY that suddenly makes you think you need tons of ‘stuff’? LOL

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