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I withdrew from FIT.

I withdrew from FIT.

I may be the most indecisive person that’s ever existed. Dramatic?  I guess I could be described as that too.. So dolls, I changed my mind.  I withdrew from FIT. Last minute?  Yeah. But at least I made this executive decision before winding up in NYC. I decided that I don’t want to major inRead More

Thrilled and terrified

Hello lovelies, Just another day lounging around, except it suddenly became a lot more exciting.  I decided a few days ago that it was time to apply to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology)!! I know what you’re thinking, HAULT. Put on the breaks. What? Weren’t you just blogging about being happy at Canisius and knowing you needRead More

Politics and Fashion

Darlings, I want to buy evvvvverything. It’s slightly problematic, considering I don’t have a job or a budget that allows for that.  Sweaters and leggings are the usual thing here in the CHILLY gross NY winter. I heard earlier it’s going to be 65 on sunday though, how is a girl to prepare for these weatherRead More