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Could I be the female Mark Zuckerburg or just another drop out statistic?

Good news!  I survived finals week! Bad news!  I’m not satisfied with just surviving, therefore I am trying to plan the next phase of my life!  Never content with just sitting still?  Sounds about right. Now, I know I made my schedule for next semester, but I still have the option of not going. AndRead More

Dress well, think well.

Dress well, think well.

It’s incredibly hard to believe my first semester at Canisius ends on friday.  I have extremely mixed feelings about it.  I’ve made GREAT friends here, I get to do pretty much whatever I want.. I know how to get around by bus and metro even though I don’t have a car and it’s always excitingRead More

CAR-less not careless.

I now believe I understand why celebrities don’t always love being famous. As my blog grows, I realize everything I type/say is going to a bigger audience. Possibly even people that go to this college, that being said I will remind myself one last time that this is not a journal. Now that, that’s outRead More