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Be YOUnique

Be YOUnique

As I prepare for the new chunk of my college journey, as well as continuing to feel out how 2013 is going to treat me, I plan on making some new wardrobe contributions.  As much as I enjoy h&m and forever 21 on a dirt cheap budget, I need to brand out.  My clothing isRead More

Thrilled and terrified

Hello lovelies, Just another day lounging around, except it suddenly became a lot more exciting.  I decided a few days ago that it was time to apply to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology)!! I know what you’re thinking, HAULT. Put on the breaks. What? Weren’t you just blogging about being happy at Canisius and knowing you needRead More

Gabbing about GPAs, Grades, and Gossip Girl.

Hello dolls, I had a little spare time today and decided that I needed to revamp the site.  It felt a little neglected lately with all of the college work taking precedent.  That’s the way it had to be though, and I have an additional reason to think that way: 3.88 is my GPA forRead More

Politics and Fashion

Darlings, I want to buy evvvvverything. It’s slightly problematic, considering I don’t have a job or a budget that allows for that.  Sweaters and leggings are the usual thing here in the CHILLY gross NY winter. I heard earlier it’s going to be 65 on sunday though, how is a girl to prepare for these weatherRead More

Apple problems

Hey girl, hey! (and guys, you’re totally welcome here too) Today is officially 30 days from when I will step foot on Canisius ground as a Freshman. To celebrate, what did I do? Only the proper thing. I planned out my first 2 weeks worth of outfits and I packed them. Believe it or notRead More