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The first ever preppy make-up tutorial

After taking part in a #stylechat on twitter today, I felt inspired to post a vlog. I had a rather lazy day, therefore my make-up wasn’t done until the later hours and this seemed to be the perfect time to perform a tutorial. I hope you enjoy it, feel free to give me feedback toRead More

I can’t live in the city where dreams are made of, looking like a nightmare.

I have a make up addiction. I’m not one of those girls that looks like they’ve gotten into a fight with a pack of Crayola crayons, thats the girl that sold me my cosmetics, bless her soul. I’m not sure why I didn’t care about her appearance before I bought cosmetics from her?  After all,Read More

Trends and temptations

Trends and temptations

Yesterday I went shopping to prepare for my trip to Panama City in April.  I splurged on some “Red, Red, Red” lipstick at Clinique as well some powder.  Both items weren’t originally on my list, but just like handbags, make up is so much easier to buy than clothes sometimes.  I bought 2 pairs of shortsRead More