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Giveaway -Happy Birthday Perry’s Ice Cream

Giveaway -Happy Birthday Perry’s Ice Cream

  I have been working with/sampling/indulging in Perry’s Ice Cream for the past few months. It’s like a dream! Who wouldn’t want to be consulted for their opinion when flavors are featured or released? As a lifestyle blogger I write about a little bit of everything.. but this has to be one of the mostRead More

Momma’s birthday and a brand new Kate

Good evening fashionistas, Blaring the music after watching the bitter debate between the two VP candidates tonight.. eh. I’m way too republican to be in a room of democrats. Thanks friends.. anyways: Last we discussed I was going home for the weekend, filling you in briefly on life between classes. This past weekend I boughtRead More

18 should come with a warning label

Why am I awake right now? It’s 3 am. The world is fast asleep and my mind wont shut off. I’d like to think this is the part of me that turned 18 last night, way too mature for sleep.. but of course its a friday night/saturday morning and I have little homework that needsRead More

Father Mac Laptop

Blog readers, This is my last post until friday! Ah! Still haven’t convinced mother dearest that I’ll die without Father Mac Laptop on vacation. It’s really depressing actually. So I’m sucking up some of the last heat filled days in mohawk and making my way to Darien Lake. When I come back I’ll only haveRead More

Bad habits.

When I finally have time to breath, it’s so hard to decide what to do. When all I have left is to study a little and my homework has been put to bed. What’s left? I’m just academically drained and it doesn’t seem to matter any longer how hard I try. A 4.0 is simplyRead More

So tired food and fashion can’t fix it.

So tired food and fashion can’t fix it.

I can barely keep my eyes open as I type this, like yesterday, but worse. I’m so mentally drained from all of this retail shinanigans, so it’s a good thing I bought hot pink, purple, blue, and green plaid pajama sets to wallow in my exhaustion fashionably tonight. My sister’s birthday (Jenna) is today andRead More